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The Tap And Knock Off (TAKO) game, our first product is a unique word building game designed for all age groups.

Our second product, TAKO 123 is a set of basic mathematical puzzles based on the similar concept of TAKO.

A total of 6 TAKO games have been launched on Google Play and one game is launched on iOS and Amazon stores. The other games will be available soon on all the stores.

Game Details:

TAKO – Tap and Knock Off (TAKO) is a unique game where words are created by eliminating required number of letters from letter tiles. (Landscape Design).

TAKO 123 – A mathematical/number game based on the concept of TAKO. TAKO 123 improves learning via gamification. Available in 17+ Global Languages.

Word Hunt –  Find a particular word using the clue/definition and hints. 300 Levels, more to be added.

Word Mine – Create a word from a set of 2 to 3 words using clues and hints. 250 levels designed. More levels will be added.

Word Trip – Create a set of words from a word using the concept of TAKO. 260 levels, more to be added. Word Hunt, Word Mine and Word Trip games have interesting facts about our Solar System.

Word Shooter – Introducing “wordcade” (word + arcade) game category for the first time ever in the world. A shooting game – one of its kind. Guide your spaceship during an action packed journey by shooting letter coded enemy ships and other obstacles. A valid word should be created when the enemy ships are destroyed. 10+ stages with continuous gameplay.

The TAKO games were played in 140+ countries in 2017 with the top user base being India, Philippines, United States and United Kingdom.

Our seventh product is internally titled as Project 007, an Augmented Reality education application to develop early literacy and numeracy skills.

We are working on some more interesting products in education to script our Digital-Space-Time journey.

Watch out this space!!! More details will be published closer to product launch.