The Tap And Knock Off (TAKO) game, our first product is a unique word building game designed for all age groups.

Our second product, TAKO 123 is a set of basic mathematical puzzles based on the similar concept of TAKO.

We plan to launch a total of 6 TAKO games. Five games are live on Google Play and one is undergoing Beta testing. All the games will be available soon on iOS devices.

Game Details:

TAKO – Tap and Knock Off (TAKO) is a unique game where words are created by eliminating required number of letters from letter tiles. (Landscape Design).

TAKO 123 – A mathematical/number game based on the concept of TAKO. TAKO 123 improves learning via gamification. Available in 17+ Global Languages.

Word Hunt –  Find a particular word using the clue/definition and hints. 250 Levels, more to be added.

Word Mine – Create a word from a set of 2 to 3 words using clues and hints. 250 levels designed. More levels will be added.

Word Trip – Create a set of words from a word using the concept of TAKO. 260 levels, more to be added. Word Hunt, Word Mine and Word Trip games have interesting facts about our Solar System.

Word Shooter – Introducing “wordcade” (word + arcade) game category for the first time ever in the world. A shooting game – one of its kind. Guide your spaceship during an action packed journey by shooting letter coded enemy ships and other obstacles. A valid word should be created when the enemy ships are destroyed. 10+ stages with continuous gameplay.

We are working on some more interesting products in education to script our Digital-Space-Time journey.

Watch out this space!!! More details will be published closer to product launch.